23rd Rat Raid held by the Wellingtons Rats

23rd Rat Raid held by the Wellingtons Rats

What a great weekend at the RAT RAID in Levin this year. For those who couldn’t make it, you missed out on one hell of a fantastic weekend. The 10 riders who rode down from here, I’m sure enjoyed the ride there & back. We took the slightly longer route down, via Taumaranui, Raetihi, Wanganui & Levin. Only a couple boys (or ladies) in blue waved their fingers at us or flashed their lights on the somewhat ‘boring’ Foxton straights. But we managed to evade these people most of the time. Our accommodation was comfortable, & very relaxing. Our hosts had planned the weekend considerably well. No one got lost thru out the city intersections. They had a total of 78 Registrations & approx 60 bikes.

I have to admit, I didn’t think Wellington had so many ‘narrow’, winding’ country roads in the city area. The Paekakariki hill was certainly worth the ride to our first stop. If you thought it couldn’t get any better (or worse for some), then we got narrower & tighter, out to Makara Cafe. Now that was a test.  Then up to Brookllyn Windmill for the best view of the city.

From there it was off to the airport for a hangar tour and lunch at Life Flight Trust, (taking donations), and presenting the Trust with a bulk cheque from fundraising with Wellington Rats. From there, it was off to Parliament for a group photo on the grounds. The BEEHIVE isn’t really as big as I imagined. Just one big wasp nest ! !

Then, back to the park for late afternoon shenanigans – none other than a scooter ‘gymkhana’ for all to participate in. Have a go riding the awesome machine over things & fun challenges.

You have to check out the ‘pics’ on Facebook. I can’t remember when my face ached so much from the laughing. I lost count of how many times someone/anyone could fall off a scooter in one round. . .  trying to stuff a ‘dry’ weetbix down your throat, AND swallow before continuing.  Yes, you had to be there.

The weather was ‘kind’ to us, if a little ‘windy’, but hey, we were in Wellington, so it lived up to its true colours.