Garth Amerien race update

Well other the last month I have been away on holiday up in the Coromandel, and just having some time off the bike and doing my other hobbies I enjoy. We come home early so we could compete in the DRD 2012 Valley Champs held in Patetonga on the 21st and 22nd of January


Saturday was the Juniors, 15-16 years 125cc

Qualifying; I qualified first giving me the first gate pick of the day

Race 1; Got the hole shot and got a 10 second lead ahead of second place and took the win.

Race 2; Got a good start and was battling for first place for half the race then the leader made a mistake letting me pass him and take the checkered flag for race 2

Race 3; Got the hole shot and had a steady leady for the whole race and taking the win

Overall I got 1ST place.

Sunday was the Seniors, SNR 125cc

Race 1; Got the hole shot and was passed and was battling with first second and third. Half way through the race I managed to get pass them both in under half a lap and cruising to a 10 second lead, taking the win

Race 2; Got the hole shot and had a good couple of bike lengths lead, then made a mistake in the last lap causing me to go into the tires but managed to get second place.

Race 3; Got the hole shot and was battling with second for half the race then made a few mistakes putting me back into 3rd place

Overall I got 2nd place.

Thanks to: Katifit Gym, Dragon goggles, Fly racing clothing & products, RK chain & AFAM sprockets, Premier brakes & clutches, Bayride Motorcycles LTD, Steve Amrein Earthmoving LTD, Motor Graphics, W. White Wholesale LTD, M-SPEC Racing, Shoei Helmets, Mad Max Photography, and my family