Logan Blackburn Race Report 29 January 2012

h2 style=text-align: left; align=centerNew Zealand Gran Prix (Woodville)/h2
As usual the track at Woodville was Fast and exciting.  The only track in NZ that is only used once a year and only for this annual event.  I was really looking forward to getting on my bike and having some fun!

img class=alignright size-full wp-image-254 title=woodville trophy pix 007 src=http://www.bayride.co.nz/wp-content/uploads/2012/01/woodville-trophy-pix-007.jpg alt= /

The weather didnt start out the best with strong gusty winds and showers in the morning but as the day went on the sun came out and the gusts droped to a strong breeze.


With the wind gusts in the morning proving to be a problem I took my time in the first two look laps and got a feel for the track.  I put in four hot laps and qualified 7th.

strongRACE 1/strong

I got off the line fast rounding the 1st corner in 2nd behind Blair Holdt, I past him in that lap and pushed hard to try and put a gap on the bikes behind me but Micah McGoldrick was just to fast for me to hold off, he had a very fast line just after the super jump, we had a good battle for a lap then the dredded arm pump kicked in and I had to back off alittle.  Cam Vaughan then past me with a lap to go.  I had to settle for 3rd.

strongRACE 2/strong

Again I got a good start, 2nd again behind Blair Holdt!.  I past him quickly leaving a big pile up of bikes on th holeshot corner and really gave it everything  to try to put some space between me and the pack behind me.  I lead for the 1st four laps but again I got arm pump and had to slow.  Cam Vaughan got past me and I finished 2nd.

strongRACE 3    /strong

Not such a good start this time but managed to come out A style=text-decoration:none; TITLE=web change alert HREF=http://www.wathapa.com of the/A start corner in front again!  I knew I had to push hard to put a big gap between me and the other bikes,  especially Cam, and I did.  I lead for the entire race! 1st!!!


1st    Me!!!! NZ Gran Prix Champion!!!

2nd  Cam Vaughan Yamaha

3rd   Garth Amrien Yamaha

Also a surprise at Prize giving that there was a special trophy for the best under 22yr 125cc rider.(The Rod Shirriffs memorial trophy).  What a fantastic trophy to have for the year.

Wow! what a great weekend with a fantastic result.  My bike ran like a dream thanks to Mark at Mspec and my Dad.  I do have to sort the arm pump issue.

Thanks to all my sponsors for supporting me:

Bayride motorcycles, Backflips clothing, Tauranga BP, Scott, Tauranga MCC, Anchor Primo, Mspec Racing, Shoei, Maddix park, Bikesport.com, Madmax photography, Michellin tyres. and MUM amp; DAD.

An special thanks to Nicky Urwin for the training

My next event will be the 1st round A style=text-decoration:none; TITLE=web change alert HREF=http://www.wathapa.com of the/A NZ Senior champs in Timaru on the 12 Feb