2017 Triumph Tiger Sport 1050 EX DEMO SPECIAL - Price 19500 + $650 ORC

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Odometer: 1100 kms

WOWEEE another demo bargain is coming through for you to benefit from!
The Tiger Sport RRP Was $22,995 + $650 ORC.... Then dropped to $20,995 + $650 ORC.... NOW our demo is only $19,500 + $650 ORC!!!!
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This is the amazing Tiger 1050 Sport with the all new engine from the 2017 Speed Triple. Check out the road tests online it is a very impressive bike. In store now

Engine - 104 engine changes, which include a new cylinder head with new inlet ports and piston design. There are new injectors, a new exhaust design and silencer, ECU and the introduction of ride by wire.

Ride by wire and modes The ride by wire allows cruise control, traction control, anti-wheelie and the use of three changeable throttle maps, Rain, Road and Sport. Each mode changes the engine characteristics, Sport and Road having the same peak power, but rain mode is restricted to 100bhp. The level of TC is the same in Sport and Road but is increased in the Rain mode.

Screen Now adjustable and can be done on the move with one hand. Theres additional Aero Diffusers either side of the screen to deflect the wind blast further. Hand guards also come as standard.

Suspension Settings are the same as the previous model, even the same springs and weight. This means up front you have Showa 43 inverted items which are fully adjustable and on the rear is a single Showa rear shock adjustable for preload and rebound damping.

Accessories There are 38 official accessories for this model, from performance accessories like an Arrow Exhaust, to comfort like heated grips, and obviously theirs luggage, box panniers and bags.
Trade ins welcome and low deposit finance is available.