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MotoAccessories Bike Lifts & Accessories

Our High Quality Motorcycle ATV & Bike lifts come with side extensions.

The front extension is adjustable to different lengths and has a drop out section for easy rear wheel access.

Air Operated & Foot Pedal Control - pressure 90psi

Table length with rear ramp: 125"
Width with side extension: 48"
Adjustable Front Extension: 84" table, 97" stage 1, 105" stage 2.
Drop out Tail dimension: 14" x 21"
Lowered height: 7"
Max Rise: 33"
Safety lock heights to top of table : 19.5", 21.75", 23.5", 25", 27", 28.5", 30".

The main bench deck has dimensions of 2.135m (7ft) x .6m (2ft)

The side extension are 2.135m (7ft) x .305 (1ft)

Ramps (3 pce) to get the vehicle onto the bench are .5m (20") long and the same width as the ramp or extension they are attached to

The removable panel in the deck is .530 x .335

The recommended maximum weight for the lift is 1100lbs (540kg) with an absolute maximum of 1500lbs

Lift 2.22 x .66 x .27, weight 228kg

Side ext 2.22 x .33 x .13 weight 42kg

Supplied with side extensions, scissor jack, cycle vice, lift dolly and loading ramps.