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At Bayride Motorcycles, training opens up whole new world of opportunities for you to get the most enjoyment from your motorcycle. Our instructors are highly trained and are here to help you become a skilled rider.


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Four Easy Steps For You!


STEP ONE: LEARNERS – Basic Handling Skills Test –  $100.00. Fifteen minute booking.

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This is a rider competency test in a car park where you demonstrate the ability to control and handle a motorcycle.

You must have passed the Basic Handling Test before you can sit your motorcycle  theory test.

Need some training? – For just $100.00 we offer a One hour riding lesson.

SPECIAL DEAL  – Lesson & Basic Handling Skills Test – $150.00. One hour booking

Check out what is required  Watch this Video!

The motorcycle basic handling course consists of four basic exercises that you complete:

  • Basic turn and stop
  • Figure of 8 and park
  • Linking figures of 8
  • Increased speed and emergency stop

Once you have successfully completed your motorcycle basic handling test you will receive a Basic Handling Course Certificate.

Now you can sit your motorcycle theory test. at local VTNZ Mt Maunganui.


  • a Road Code Test
  • an eye test/ exam
  • approximate $95
  • Book this at VTNZ Mt Maunganui

STEP THREE: Restricted CBTA $130

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Use our bike for just an extra $20

At this stage we think it is a good idea to take the Ride Forever Bronze Course, free if you completed Basic Handling with us!. This will lift your roadcraft skills and make you a better rider. This is a one day course sponsored by ACC

The CBTA restricted motorcycle assessment is a one hour on-road assessment. We will follow you on our motorcycle and communicate with you using Bluetooth communication. You will be assessed on your position, observations, cornering, U-turn high speed, road rules, signals, blind spots, and control of your motorbike.

Once passed, take your Restricted CBTA Certificate to VTNZ Mt Maunganui for endorsement.

The Full CBTA assessment (Step Four) can be undertaken as early as nine months after completing Restricted. However a twelve month wait period applies from the date you received Restricted Endorsement  before you are endorsed with a Full Motorcycle Licence.

STEP FOUR: Full CBTA – $100.00

Book with us CALL US: 0800 923 000

Use our bike for just an extra $20

The CBTA full motorbike assessment is a 30 minute on road assessment. You ride your bike  and we will follow you on ours, communicating with you using Bluetooth headsets. You will be assessed on your position, observations,  high speed cornering, road rules, signals, blind spots and control of your motorcycle.

Take your Full CBTA Certificate to VTNZ Mt Maunganui for endorsement from Restricted to Full. Please note, wait periods apply.


Come Ride With Us!

At Bayide we love riding too! Link up with our  Facebook and join our organised rides. Keep informed, drop us a line and we will add you to our email ride groups.

For further detailed information go to www.drivewbd.co.nz

Safe riding from the team at Bayride