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Aleix fourth at a sizzling Sachsenring

Aleix fourth at a sizzling Sachsenring

Aprilia MotoGP Bulletin Race 10 of 22: Sachsenring Germany

CREDIT: APRILIA #bearacer blog. 21 JUN 2022

For everyone, the image of this Grand Prix is unquestionably that of Aprilia bikes, which once again ravished the cameras and ignited the public like no other manufacturer in MotoGP. For us racers, it was the sight of our two RS-GPs dancing side by side, light but taut, between the black, red and yellow kerbs of the Sachsenring, as if they were the only bikes on the track.

We knew that Germany would bring us a battle of nerves and it lived up to that prediction: the over 50°C recorded on the asphalt did nothing but inflame the battle on the track. 

The riders, grappling with unprecedented conditions for this circuit, constructed a tactical race that made our Aprilia RS-GPs the stars of the Grand Prix, at least up to the final stages.


In a constant struggle with grip, Aleix resisted Miller’s assaults until a few laps from the end, keeping his cool going into the corner despite a less than perfect feeling with the front tyre. A too-deep braking at turn one, with consequent widening of the trajectory, prevented him, just a few kilometres from the finish line, from taking yet another well-deserved podium spot. But fourth place today doesn’t detract from Espargaró’s solid second place in the world championship chase.

It was a great race for Maverick, too, who started off well from ninth and was very sharp in the first part of the race, with clean, decisive overtakes and a very quick pace. It was also thanks to the choice of the medium rear tyre, a solution that Maverick preferred and that he intended to manage up to the chequered flag. But on lap nineteen, a technical problem with the rear ride-height device put an end to his thus far excellent race.

Though a collateral effect of Viñales’ retirement was that we had to give up the lead in the team standings, it is still true that stage after stage, the Aprilia Racing MotoGP Team continues to strengthen its role as a top competitor. Want the podium? You might even be able to grab it… but first you have to contend with us!

In just one week we’ll be running at the legendary TT Circuit in Assen and the goal is clear: to win back our rightful place… and put on a show like no other!
Racers, let’s remember: whatever happens, this season is already ours!


“Unfortunately today I had a strange vibration at the front from the first lap which then got progressively worse. At a certain point of the race, I had to slow the pace, changing my riding style and not exploiting the RS-GP’s strong points. It’s a pity because, even though I wouldn’t have been able to keep up with Fabio, I definitely had the pace to battle with Zarco. With the way things went, I’m pleased with fourth because in spite of riding badly and without confidence, I was still able to limit the damage. I’m not too worried about the lost points; right now, Fabio’s form in the race is what should be pushing us to find more speed.”



“I had fun today. I started well, coming through the first corner without losing positions, and then I was able to be aggressive, overtaking until catching up with Aleix. At that point, I caught my breath, knowing that the final laps would have been difficult, so I was saving my strength and the tyre. I don’t know if I would have been able to overtake Aleix but, continuing at that pace, I would have tried. It’s a shame about the problem with the height device. Unfortunately, there was nothing I could do, so I preferred boxing so I wouldn’t be a danger to other riders. In any case, I’m happy. Our improvement curve is consistent and I feel like I’m close to the turning point of the season.”

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