Ride Forever

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Passmasters and Bayride Motorcycle Training work together to deliver ACC accredited Ride Forever training.

When you book with us you will be with Bayride's Andy Edgar under supervision of Passmasters.

Bronze Ride Forever 

This is a full-day course aimed at helping you to build those core skills ready for anything that the roads might throw at you. It is also perfect for learner riders wanting to obtain their restricted licence, restricted licence holders upgrading to a Full licence or full licence holders who are returning to motorcycling and need their confidence building.

This training course specifically focuses on CBTA competencies, it includes some open road riding, but the focus is on urban road riding.

This course will cost you $20 for the day.

(This is not suitable for those with very little/no road experience. Please contact us for personal training.)

 The Bronze course covers off key riding competencies. An example of one of these is motorcycle control.


There are four aspects to controlling a motorcycle:

  • positioning

  • speed management

  • progression

  • stability/smoothness


During this section of the course you’ll practice adopting and maintaining the right position on the road at all times (relative to the riding task and hazards present), maintaining progress in traffic flow (keeping up with traffic, accelerating, overtaking if have to), gear selection for road speed, braking, stopping plus more.


Bronze: Riders can take this course twice in any 12 month period, provided there is a three-month gap between the two courses but no more than 2 Ride Forever courses in any 12 months. regardless of level.

Prerequisites for this course - PLEASE READ

You must hold a current motorcycle license and feel comfortable riding your bike in traffic and travelling on the open road at posted road speed (at least 80kph).

Your licence should be valid for the motorcycle you are riding, if you are on a 6L or 6R licence your bike should be LAMS approved. Your bike should be registered, have a current WOF and be road worthy.  

Safe riding from the team at Bayride Motorcycle Training