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Aprilia triumphs in Argentina with Aleix

Aprilia triumphs in Argentina with Aleix

The team at Bayride watched and cheered for Aleix and Aprilia on the momentous win at Argentina's MotoGP race on Termas de Río Hondo track.

This is the bulletin released by Aprilia Racing: 

The Aprilia Racing technicians leaning out over the wall, the tears of Aleix, the long embraces between the rider and Massimo RivolaMaverick running to congratulate and start off the celebrations. An irrepressible joy that urges us to search for the face of someone that confirms it’s really happening… If it’s a dream, please don’t wake us up!

Let us tell you: it’s all true! Finally this victory, a true victory, has arrived!

Aprilia triumphed in Argentina thanks to Aleix Espargaró, who achieved his first victory in the MotoGP class and rises to the top of the world riders’ standings! A historic day, with the first place crowning both our favourite brand and our Captain, right in his 200th GP in the premier class!

The House of Noale, already a motorbike racing legend, adds the two hundred ninety-fifth trophy to its Racing Division’s collection: the first, longed-for, victory in the new four-stroke era of the top two-wheel competition, following the countless successes achieved in the 125cc and 250cc classes.

Pole position, victory, and the fastest lap in the race: “My name is Aleix and I’m taking Argentina”. He could have gone on and said it on Saturday, after a picture-perfect day for him and the entire Aprilia Racing team in Termas de Río Hondo. But that wouldn’t be the style of a true Captain. Instead, Aleix kept his feet on the ground and put together a perfect weekend, legendary, adrenaline-fuelled… you can continue with the adjectives.

Thanks to this victory, Espargaró now leads the overall riders’ standings with 45 points, a further demonstration of an incredibly positive start to the season for the entire Aprilia Racing team, who in Argentina also saw Maverick Viñales achieve his best performance of the season, in seventh place at the finish line after starting from fifth position and staying in the top five for several laps.

We knew that the RS-GP 2022 had made an incredible leap forward, but actually seeing it – in Aleix’s hands – outmanoeuvre Jorge Martín’s Ducati down the straight made our chests swell with pride (and, we estimate, increase the maximum power of our Aprilia bikes by two or three horsepower).

Racer friends, it’s a great time to be an Aprilia fana great time to be a member of the #bearacer club. Let’s enjoy it, we deserved it, just as everyone at Aprilia Racing deserved this long-awaited victory: 21 years, 5 months and 5 days, to be precise, have passed since the last Aprilia pole position in the premier class, since the last time we even got a whiff of victory.
And you know what the best part is? This is just the beginning!


“I’m very proud of this milestone we’ve reached. We tackled a long path to get here, but we’ve finally done it! It was a fantastic weekend, but it wasn’t a simple race. In practice I was extremely fast, as well as in the warm-up session, but in the race I struggled a bit with a lack of grip. I didn’t lose heart. I tried changing the electronic settings several times to overcome these problems and, in the end, I managed to improve. I was faster than Martín by a few tenths, but it wasn’t at all easy to overtake him, partly because it was a new situation for me. I had never been in the position to battle for a win in MotoGP. It was truly exciting, especially the last lap. I am extremely happy for Aprilia, for me, and for my family. We deserve it. I would like to thank again all the team, who is working hard in Noale and the Piaggio Group for the support. Now we’re leading in the championship, but we’ll just try to take advantage of this positive moment, continuing to have fun and keeping our feet planted firmly on the ground.”

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