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Bayride's Nick Burke #42 Race report

Bayride's Nick Burke #42 Race report

Nick Burke Reports:

Round #2 NZSBK supersport 600

Well we have come to the end of a successful South Island tour having completed the first two rounds of the 2020 NZSBK Championship without incident and continually improving with every outing as I became more familiar with the Bayride Motorcycles #YAMALUBE Yamaha Motor New Zealand R6.

A successful day with qualifying and our first race for the weekend completed, had an ok qualifying awarding me 14th on the grid.

Race ONE ; got off to hectic start, unfortunately resulting in Avalon Biddle Racing going down at turn one with the rest of us having to take avoiding actions as to miss her and the stricken bike, this resulted in the field being broken up. The rest of the race was fairly uneventful for myself up until the final lap when an unsuspecting sparrow crossed my path at the fastest point of the track needless to say only one of us survived to tell the tale, I then continued on to take the checkered flag and 11th place.

RACE TWO ; I had been fighting for traction most of the weekend coming out of the most crucial acceleration zones, so we made an adjustment to our rear tyre pressure for race two resulting in an improvement in traction and confidence, crossing the finish line in 10th.

RACE THREE ; So for race three we continued adjusting the tyre pressure in the same direction, which saw massive gains in traction from the #Bridgestone R11 so much so that I was able to shave eight tenths of a second off my previous best lap time I then took the checkered flag in 9th place equalling my my previous best result.

I have enjoyed every minute down here in the south, however I’m really looking forward to getting home and catching up with my friends and family back home, to all those who have been supporting me via social media and in the race paddock I thank you very much.


At the end of round 2, Nick Burke standing in 11th place with 32 points.

Name:Nick Burke

Nationality :NZL

New Zealand Race No : 42

Machine 2017 Yamaha R6 600

Sponsors: Bayride Motorcycles, Bayride Motorcycle Training.

Yamaha NZ, Yamalube.

Bridgestone, SHOEI, Leatt.

Rev'it, SIDI, FIVE.



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