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Make your bike safe and secure when using your rear paddock stand while also providing a quicker and easier set up than before. The Whites Swing Arm Spools fit into pre-threaded holes in your swingarm, giving you a stable mount to the paddock stand. Lightweight anodised alloy gives a unique look to your pits while the high-quality stainless steel bearings and bolts ensure a long life, and available in three different sizes in a range of colours for multiple applications.

Make fitting a rear paddock stand to your bike much easier and quicker
Does not mark the bike's swingarm
Some bikes have uneven swingarms, making the use of bobbins the only way to safely fit the rear paddock stand
Lightweight anodised alloy
High-quality stainless steel bearings and bolts

Size: M10 x 1.25
Colour: Gold

The majority of bikes have pre-threaded holes in their swingarms to fit bobbins (consult your bike manufacturer for the bolt and thread size required for your bike).