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Bayride COVID-19 workplace safety plan – WORKSHOP SERVICES, PARTS and VEHICLE SALES at Alert Level 4 and 3

Definition of Essential Service: Any entity providing services to keep vehicles operational for essential work purposes - eg vehicle testing, mechanics, tyre services):
Reference : Businesses by sector that are essential: Transport and logistics: updated at 2.40pm, 2 April 2020.

As a PCBU, Bayride Motorcycles Limited must ensure, so far as is reasonably practicable, the health and safety of all its workers and that other persons are not put at risk by its work. This is called the primary duty of care.

Offering Essential Parts and Service supply; The purpose is to keep vehicles operational and safe.

Bayride employees who are immunocompromised, Covid-19 positive, have a Covid-19 test awaiting results, live with ill or elderly persons, or live with a Covid-19 positive person will be exempt from direct contact work.

Employees will observe safe practices as directed by NZ Ministry Of Health such as distancing, personal hygiene, equipment hygiene.

Mechanics will be available on weekdays to carry out essential work on motorcycles for Essential Workers (eg a scooter as sole transport for a supermarket worker) and Primary Sector farm equipment, motorcycle , ATV or SSV.

- Level 4; technicians on call

- Level 3; technicians on duty

To limit or eliminate the risk of spreading COVID-19 the procedure is:

Workshop Isolation: Install clear plastic sheeting between works bays or shuffle equipment around so one mechanic in each building bay etc...if practicable

Equipment sharing: shared tools must be cleaned after use. Computers, pads and mouse must be disinfected after use. One person allowed in the workshop office at a time. Pens etc not to be shared, each worker issued pens etc.

• Phone and book in a time to schedule repairs and maintenance. An assessment will be made to determine the work fits Definition Of Essential Services- under Alert Level 4

- At Level 4 the workshop is unmanned and the phone number is 0274-428-471.

- At Level 3 we will be answering our main phone line 07-571-3040.

- If a pick up is required, usual pick up fees will apply and isolation and cleaning measures will apply.

• Drop the vehicle in the workshop/parking yard which is down the left side driveway and adjacent to the workshop. • Stay at least 2m from anyone else if you need to talk to them. Talk to the mechanics via telephone is preferred.

• Before we proceed, the vehicle will be cleaned and wiped down.
- This will be soapy water.

• After the job is completed, we will clean and park the vehicle outside before calling customer to pick it up.

- Customer is to be advised to bring own disinfectant to wipe down any surfaces again before they take the vehicle.

Parts and Supplies: These may be unavailable or delayed. We will use reasonable endeavors to source supplies.

After Hours Call Outs: A $100 after hours call out fee will apply. This is charged on top of the standard full amount.

Refusal to work: We may at our discretion decline to perform a service or parts supply.

Payment: At Alert Level 4 and 3, contactless payment is preferred. Online Banking will be offered, and payment must be confirmed prior to pick-up or delivery of completed job

Vehicle Sales:

Level 4: Pre-sales and confirmations only. We are taking calls, emails and making transactions.

Actual completion of the sale will be at L 3 or L 2 

Level 3: Sales must be entirely contactless.  This does mean test rides are either unavailable or by arrangement if we agree to a test ride.

Finance can be completed contactless.

Handovers (pick up) must also be without physical contact. We will provide options such as video chat, key drop, or alternative method. 


All staff working onsite have completed a health declaration.

Staff and any customer entering site will be recorded by date and time and kept in an accessible database.

Staff will work from home where possible.

Staff with medical or personal reasons will be excused from on-site work at Alert Level 4 and 3. 



Ministry Of Health

MTA guidlelines :

Bayride Policies: S:\Health and Safety and Company Policies\Health and Safety

In particular BAYRIDE documents but not excluding:
-  Health And Safety Management Plan -  Risk Register Document - Hazard and Risk Policy - Health and Safety Definitions - Health and Safety Policy - Working Alone Policy - On Site Engagement Policy - Work Fitness Policy - Job Safety Analysis